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Abergavenny Town of Sanctuary (AToS) was set up in April 2016.  Its initial purpose was to forge links between Abergavenny and  learners attending Esol classes at the Welsh Refugee Council in Cardiff. 

Later in 2016 three Syrian families came to live in Abergavenny via the government’s Resettlement Scheme.  There are now seven families from Syria and four families from Afghanistan.  AToS supports the families in a multitude of ways, but essentially it offers a network that new families and volunteers can draw from.

We have maintained links with refugees and asylum seekers in Newport and Cardiff and organise walks/days out/picnics so people can socialise, practise English, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

AToS also campaigns for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and attempts to counter the negative narrative which permeates the media. 

If you would like to know more about Abergavenny Town of Sanctuary please email:  [email protected]