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Introducing Local Artist, Walid Zawi….

Introducing Local Artist, Walid Zawi….

In  April Abergavenny Town of Sanctuary were proud to support an exhibition of pictures by local artist, Walid Zawi at Abergavenny Community Centre.  Walid’s interest in drawing goes back to his school days when he when he went out to the countryside to draw in his native homeland of Syria where there are “so many beautiful places.”  Later on the demands of everyday life meant that he had little time to draw. However following his move to Abergavenny his interest in drawing was rekindled, encouraged by friends and teachers.

“I get inspired by nature. I find this type of drawing interesting as we see nature differently every second which makes me feel relaxed, comfortable and happy.   I love historical times and ancient sites, so I like to draw old buildings.”

The exhibition of images of Abergavenny and Syria, as well as many colourful imaginary landscapes, was organised with the help of a friend, Sarah Foster, and many members of of Walid’s family were present to meet and greet viewers. Original pictures were for sale as well as prints and cards

One visitor in particular, Mayor Anne Wilde, purchased a painting of the Town Hall which will now adorn the walls of the Mayor’s Parlour.

Walid says”  I would like to thank each person who has come to see my simple, humble paintings.”  

Congratulations Walid on a successful event – we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. If you missed this event Walid’s work can be seen at Abergavenny Arts Festival on 15th June where he will have a stall.